Getting Help

Making you AWARE of how to get help....

Getting help for your child with any issue you feel might require the support of one of our certified school counselors is literally a phone call, website click, or school visit away. All students enrolled in the Anderson County School System have access to school counselors at every level within the school district.

Each high school and middle school within the Anderson County School System has full-time counseling services available daily. Each elementary school in the district has a school counselor dedicated to their specific school, but these professionals cover more than one elementary school in some cases due to smaller enrollments. Contact your child's elementary school to get information about the school counselor's weekly schedule. If you feel your child needs AWARE services, you can request a referral for School Counseling Services by completing Form 1A below. Students can also self-refer by completing Form 1B. Return the completed form to the School Counselor to begin the referral process.  

Check the menu under the Getting Help tab for a list of school counselors by school.

The forms below allow students, parents, or other family members to self-refer through completing the form and sending it to your school counselor. The first form is for parents/family members, while the second form is for students who wish to self-refer to their school counselor electronically.