So what is AWARE Anderson County?

Thanks to a federal grant received by the Anderson County School System, our students across the school district have access to expanded services to provide resources for mental health and behavioral issues. We are blessed within our county to be 1 of 3 school districts in the state of Tennessee, and 1 of 60 nationally to receive the grant funds for these critical services.

As part of this grant, the Anderson County School System has been able to form a partnership with Cherokee Health System to provide additional professional support for students and their families. The support from Cherokee Health System can be accessed through the student's school counselor.

AWARE Anderson County was created to expand youth access to mental health resources and promote youth resilience and positive behavioral functioning for Anderson County's youth. This takes place in five key areas:

1. Increase access to mental health services.
2. Make schools more safe and secure.
3. Identify behavioral issues early.
4. Provide supportive environments where students can focus on learning.
5. Support academic success allowing our graduates to become productive citizens.

Our school counselors are in important link for you and your child to offer support as he or she makes their way through the school district to graduation. In addition to the support available through the school counselors, other staff members within your child's school have been trained about how to access AWARE Anderson County resources.