About The School


History of LCES


Elementary instruction in this area began in 1872 with the Coal Creek Academy.  In 1904, a building was built that is currently known as Lake City Elementary.  The building was originally used for elementary and high school instruction.

The town of Coal Creek tried to support its own school system through the early 1920s.  However, the high school was turned over to the county system because it became too much of a burden for the town to operate.

In 1923, a new school was built for all students and included an auditorium, which is still used today.  The school was expanded again in 1936 when a new building for high school students was built.  The city name of Coal Creek was changed in 1939 to Lake City because of the Norris Dam that was built nearby.

In the early 1950s, both levels of education had outgrown its building.  This led to the construction of a new high school that served grades 9 through 12.  The main part of the current elementary school was built in 1959 and added onto in 1965.

In 1982, as a result of consolidation of Lake City High School and Norris High School, the elementary began serving Kindergarten through grade 6.  The old Lake City High School became the new junior high.  The junior high became a middle school in 1984 and began serving grades 6 though 8.  From this point until the present, Lake City Elementary has served Kindergarten through grade 5.  Headstart and Pre-K are also served on our campus.

In 1986, Medford Elementary was closed and the students were sent to Lake City Elementary.  A fire occurred during this year, which caused extensive damage to the auditorium and smoke damage to the rest of the building.  Repairs were made and the auditorium was renovated.

During the next several years the population at Lake City Elementary continued to grow.  In 1994, additional construction and renovations were made. Twenty new classrooms were added and renovations were made to the main part of the building with a new cafeteria added as well.

Lake City Elementary School currently is made up of 37 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a gym, an auditorium, 5 offices, a conference room, a records storage room, a clinic, a teacher workroom, and 2 custodial rooms. Included in the number of classrooms is a computer lab equipped with 24 student computers, one teacher station, and a network printer. Occupying the other classrooms and offices are a full-time principal, an assistant principal, a counselor, 2 secretaries, 39 teachers, 1 Literacy Collaborative teacher and 24 support staff.  All subject areas are taught by teachers certified in the area in which he/she is teaching.  Each grade level classroom has an average of 20 students per teacher. The enrollment of Lake City Elementary School is approximately 450 to 500 students for grades Pre-K through 5.

We begin each school day at 8:05 a.m. and end at 3:05 p.m.  Breakfast is available beginning at 7:30 a.m.  During the day our students are learning about all the academic areas (reading, language, math, science, social studies, and writing) and other areas such as art, gym, music, guidance counseling, library, and technology.  Pre-Kindergarten and Headstart programs are offered at our school.  There is an after-school care program available for students who need supervision, which operates for 3:05 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Our school has been fully accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1991.

The community of Lake City is located adjacent to heavily traveled Interstate 75.  The town has no large manufacturing facilities, but has a well-established tourism trade.  This tourism has stimulated the growth of service industries including motels, stores, and restaurants.  Lake City's population supports a variety of churches and other religious institutions.  It is also has an area utility company and many small businesses to support our schools.  The town is fortunate to have adequate medical facilities, including dentist, doctors, pharmacies, and a nursing home.  Youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, 4-H Clubs, and Little League football, softball, baseball and basketball also exist for the Lake City's student population.